Monday, May 23, 2011

23rd may 2011

Started the new year,making baby sets,blankets and capes,for babies.
I made the hex baby pattern,for the boy babies and added a hood,with 3dc sts,and then made booties to match.I made one set in dark blue and white,and another in coffee and cream.
Recently completed in dark blue the snowflake cape pattern,my fav one to make,for Sonal's friend's baby due in september.Also made 2 blankets,one in yellow,rows of pineapples,and a white one in a diamond pattern,and ayellow set,coat bonnet and booties,to match the blanket.
Made 3 scarves,one in stripes of blue and white,and one in red and white,and one in dusky pink.At the moment working,on a flower lap size blanket,in multi colors.Made one in blue and white squares,recently,for a gift.

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