Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Happy Cardigan

The Happy Cardigan

For baby boys

Materials:Red Heart BabyFingering

Hook E

Tension 12dc =2”

Abbreviation: shell,(sh) -2dc,ch1, 2dc

Chain 60

Row 1:Dc in 3rd ch,from hook,dc in next 9chs,*Dc,ch1,dc in next ch,dc in next 6ch,dc,ch1,dc,in next ch*,dc in next 22 chs,rep from * to *,once,dc in next 10 chs.Turn

Row2:Ch 3,dc in next 10dc,2dc,ch1,2dc (shell),in ch1sp,dc in next 8 dc,sh in ch1spdc in next 24 dc,sh in ch1sp,dc in 8dc,shell in next ch1sp,dc in next 12 dc,ch3 turn(61dc+4shells

Row 3:dc in next 13dc, sh in ch1sp,dc in next 12dc, sh in ch1sp,dc in next 28 dc,sh in ch1sp,dc in next 12 dc,sh in ch1sp,dc in last 13dc, ch3 turn

Row 4:
  • dc in next 14dc,sh in ch1sp
  • dc in next16dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • dc in next 32dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • dc in 16 dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • dc in last 16dc,ch3 turn

Row 5:
  • dc in next 17dc,sh in next ch 1sp,
  • Dc in next 20dc,sh in next ch 1sp,
  • Dc in next36dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • Dc in next 20dc,sh in ch 1sp
  • Dc in last 17dc,ch 3 turn

  • dc in next 18 dc,sh in next ch 1sp
  • dc in next 24dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • dc in next 40dc,sh in next ch 1sp,
  • dc,in next24dc,sh in ch1sp,
  • dc in last 20dc,ch 3 turn

Row 7:
  • Dc in next21dc,sh in ch1sp
  • dc in next 28dc,sh in ch 1sp,
  • dc in next 44 dc,sh in ch1sp
  • dc in next 28dc,sh in ch 1sp,
  • dc in last 21dc,ch 3 turn

Row 8:
  • Dc in 22dc,sh I ch 1sp,
  • dc in next 32 dc,sh in ch1sp
  • dc in next48dc,sh in ch 1sp,
  • dc in next 32 dc,sh in ch1sp
  • dc in last 24 dc,ch 3turn

Row 9:
  • Dc in next 25 dc,*2dc in sh ,ch 2 skip 32dc,for sleeve,2dc in next shell*,Dc in each st,till next shell,rep from * to *,once,dc in next 25 sts,ch 3 turn

Row 10:
  • Dc in each st,2dc in ch 2sp,tillend115sts,ch3 turn,

Row 11:
  • Dc in 2sts,*ch 1 ,skip 1 st ,dc in next 3dc,repeat from *,till end,ch 3turn,29 -3dc groups

Row 12:
  • Dc in each st and each ch 1sp

Row 13: Repeat row 11

Row 14:Repeat row12

The last two rows form the pattern rows.Continue in pattern 7 times more,(14 rows)or length required.End with 14th row.Do not fasten off.Work sc,evenly along the side border,upto the neck,along the neck and ,down the other side.Work 3 sc,in the corners.Continue in sc,around the lower edge of the cardigan,till the bottom right hand corner.continue working in sc,up the right hand side of the cardigan,till the neck,turn and work 3 rows of sc,along the front border,for the button band.

Join yarn at the top left corner and work 1 row of sc,along the left side of the cardigan.Turn with ch 1,and work upto the neck,for the buttonhole border. In the 2nd row,work buttonholes ,by making sc,ch2,skip 1 st and sc in next st.Work the next row ,in sc ,working 2 sc in ch1sp. fasten off.

Sleeves.Join yarn at under arm ,with sl st,ch 3,dc in each st,join with sl st in beg ch 3(40) sts

Work 17 rows,

For cuff:
  • ch I ,sc in next st,sk 1st,sc in next st,join with sl st,to first ch.
  • Row 2:
  • ch 1,sc in each st fasten off
Work 2nd sleeve same way.Weave in ends.


Row 1:
  • ch 4,sl st to form ring.Work 12 dc,in ring.

Row 2:
  • Ch2,2dc in each st around.Join with sl st,to 1stdc.Ch2,does not count as a stitch,but closes the gap.

  • ch2,*2dc in first dc,1dc,in next dc,repeat from ,* till end.Join with sl st to first dc

  • Ch2,*2dc in first dc,1dc,in each,of the next 2dc,repeat from *,till end. Join with sl st to first dc

  • Row5:
  • Ch2,*2dc in first dc,1dc in each of the next 3 dc,repeat from *,till end. Join with sl st to first dc

Row 6:
  • Ch2,dc in each st around. Join with sl st to first dc

  • Ch2,dc in each st around .Join with sl st to first dc

Row 8:
  • Ch2,dc in same st,*1dc in each of the next 2 dc,ch1,skip 1 st,dc in next 3 dc:repeat from * all around,Join with sl st to first dc.

  • Ch2,dc in dc,and in each dc,working1 dc,in ch1sp.Join with sl st,to first dc.

  • Repeat row 8 and 9 for pattern rows.

Work a total of 8 pattern rows.End with 2 rows of dc in each st.


  1. Lovely pattern! Congratulations on your first online pattern. I know we will get to see lots of lovelies!

  2. beautiful! looking forward to seeing more lovely creations!


  3. Replies
    1. Please let me know,if you find any errors,in the pattern.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crochet. I am in the process of making this happy cardigan, and it's coming along nicely :)

  5. Lovely pattern Bharathi..thanks fir sharing

  6. Could you please tell me how much of the yarn this set needs? If possible could you email me the answer at I can't get into my gmail anymore. Thanks